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Widder 18500 – 100V drive and 18600 – 220v Drive:

Over 400 ft/lbs of power for pipe threading, valve rotation,

The Widder Portable Electric Power Drive is electric-motor-driven, heavy-duty power drives which provide power for threading pipe, conduit, and rod (bolt stock). Widder power drives have all the torque needed for any pipe threading, valve operation, and nut running application. These tools include heavy duty hardened gears with bearing support on every gear set. Widder Power Drives accommodate any standard 12R Drop head to 2” pipe and develop over 400 ft/lbs. of torque.

Power Drive Manual and Parts Breakdown

115V - Universal type electric motor, ½ horsepower, 115 volts AC (60 Hz.), 15 amps, maximum draw
220V - Universal type electric motor, ½ horsepower, 225 volts AC (50 Hz.), 6 amps, maximum draw.

29 lbs.



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