Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

-CNC Machining
-Injection Molding
-Assembly & Secondaries
-Engineering & Support

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An ITAR certified supplier, HPI offers complete contract management services. Out Dock-to-Stock, Kanban, and Blanket Purchase programs are custom tailored to the Lean process and inventory reduction programs. HPI offers integrated product including secondary and fishing operations that comply with all DFARS and RHOS requirements

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Motion Control

Miniclutch Products
-Torque Limiters
-One Way Clutches
-Custom Designed Units

The HPI Miniclutch line offers the best in motion and torque control available. From miniature clutches to heavy duty friction-detent combination units, HPI handles shaft sizes as small as .032” to 2” and torque from fractional in/ozs to 400 ft/lbs.
HPI offers complete custom designed clutches and combination drive units for use in any environment. All products are offered in DFARS and RHOS compliant materials.

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WIDDER Industrial Tools

-Pipe Processing
-Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
-Air Movement

WIDDER is a line of high-performance, heavy-duty pneumatic, hydraulic and electric industrial power tools and accessories. High quality, exceptional durability and low maintenance needs, make our tools ideal for the dirtiest, hottest, coldest, driest and wettest environments on Earth. WIDDER tools are the best choice for tough industrial applications, particularly oil rig maintenance and refinery turnaround.

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The Challenges of the Future Have Already Been Met…

HPI Manufacturing, Inc provides state-of-the-art contract manufacturing and engineering services for a broad range of industries and products. Our capabilities include traditional and CNC machining, injection molding, precision assembly, packaging and distribution. Our entire manufacturing process is backed up with extensive in-house engineering services and is integrated with state-of-the-art manufacturing software.
HPI also manufactures several lines of proprietary products including pneumatic and hydraulic industrial tools, tool accessories, as well as motion control solutions.