One Way Clutches

Single direction drive with multiple uses

HPI Miniclutch One-Way or Over-running clutches are designed to give solid drive in one direction and a no-load slip in the other. This motion is critical in many applications including ratcheting drive systems, roller feeds, etc. HPI Manufacturing’s exclusive outer housing cam lock design allows for a very narrow profile unit. Our One-Way clutches drive on the housing’s inner diameter so there is no need for hardened and ground shafting. In addition, these units can be shaft fastened with a variety of methods including press fit, key-way, and set-screw. HPI clutches are available as complete packages or as simple roller units that can be installed into existing components. All units are available with and without shafting.

HU Series

This is a basic roller mechanism. This unit drives on a pre-determined housing ID in the customers assembly.

HA Series

This is a basic roller system supplied with a simple housing with oilite bearing support on one side.

HB Series

This is a basic roller unit with precision roller bearing support on both sides.

Multiple Sized units for tight applications

HPI Miniclutch units are available in different sized packages. Our smallest 50 series unit has a profile width as small as .375”. Our 70 series unit is available in torque as high as 30 ft/lbs. Our custom drive units can accommodate loads to 500 ft/lbs. or more. The HPI Miniclutch has no requirement for a single shaft size; within the range of a series unit, any size or shape of shaft can be accommodated.

Custom Materials, combinations and applications

HPI Miniclutch units are available with complete custom design services. Our engineering staff can modify designs to your specifications. Materials can be selected for extreme environments including marine, corrosives, aerospace, and non-magnetic applications. Custom Over-running systems are available in shaft sizes to 2” and torques as high as 1000 ft/lbs.

HPI can combine the motion of a One-way unit with reversing torque limiters, solid drive and break-away units, and multiple torque drive systems.

These units are manufactured in an ITAR registered facility and be supplied with DFARS and RHOS compliance.