Motion Control


Torque Limiters

HPI Miniclutch Torque Limiters offer precision control of torque release in either direction. Upon the application of rotational force, HPI Torque Limiters release at a pre-determined torque setting. These units are available in both Fiction and Detent versions. Friction units offer smooth release and consistent slip or drag. This motion is perfect for transitional movement such as winding film or delicate tape. The detent model gives an audible and very dependable ratcheting motion. Ideal for industrial applications, these units operate in virtually any conditions.

One Way Clutches

HPI Miniclutch One-Way or Over-running clutches are designed to give solid drive in one direction and a no-load slip in the other. This motion is critical in many applications including ratcheting drive systems, roller feeds, etc. HPI Manufacturing’s exclusive outer housing cam lock design allows for a very narrow profile unit. Our One-Way clutches drive on the housing’s inner diameter so there is no need for hardened and ground shafting. In addition, these units can be shaft fastened with a variety of methods including press fit, key-way, and set-screw. HPI clutches are available as complete packages or as simple roller units that can be installed into existing components. All units are available with and without shafting.

Custom Designed Units

In addition to its convenient line of standard motion control products, HPI Manufacturing specializes in the design and manufacturing of “custom” designed units, engineered to meet your specific needs. We have over 50 years of experience in helping our customers find the best, most economical solution to their motion control problems. The engineering staff at HPI Manufacturing have dozens of proven designs to draw from, and are adept at thinking outside the box to find that perfect solution.