Contract Manufacturing

CNC Machining

HPI Manufacturing, Inc. offers CNC turning and milling of virtually any material in any size lot. With turning capacities to 12” and a milling envelope up to 30”x 24”x 12”, HPI runs prototype through production lots with quick turn-around and competitive pricing.

Injection Molding

HPI Manufacturing has molding capability from 28 tons to 300 tons of clamping pressure, with shot sizes from fractional grams to 26 ounces. Lot size is completely flexible; HPI will shoot 1 piece to 1 million. HPI uses individual mold frames as well as MUD units.

Assembly & Secondaries

With over sixty years of assembly experience, HPI Manufacturing, Inc offers a wide array of assembly techniques. Our 40,000 square foot facility offers all types of assembly from sonic welding and riveting to complex precision assembly.

Engineering & Support

HPI Manufacturing provides engineering support from initial design creation and review to component performance testing and reverse engineering. We offer full 3D CAD services, working with Cad-Key, SolidWorks, and Auto-Cad.